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I created this memorial for my precious daughter so everyone can see what a special person she was. I love you darling. Mommy

Memorial created 05-16-2006 by
Linda McDannald
LaShunda Jeanette Bowers
October 4 1981 - September 6 2005

This online memorial was created in loving memory of LaShunda "Shawna" Jeanette Bowers, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. She will be forever 23, and in our hearts and memories always. Please sign LaShunda "Shawna"s guest book and let us know you came to visit.


This is my precious baby at 3 years old. She was so full of life and carried that with her into adulthood. LaShunda never met a stranger and was good to anyone that allowed her to be. She always wanted to be the center of attention and when she was around everyone knew it. My baby only lived 20 years after this picture was taken. She lost her life at the hands of an obsessive ex-fiance. Five days after she broke off their engagement, he took her life from her and from all of us that love her so. He also murdered a precious young man, Josh, a good friend of my son and my daughter. Josh spent many nights at our home with my son playing computer games. You can see his picture at the end of the photos with my daughter as them and some friends were goofing around and taking pictures one night. I found this roll of film in the bottom on my daughters purse and had it developed. I was so happy to have the picture. Josh was only 19 and an only child. Our precious angels are in heaven now with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I know that I will be with my daughter again one day, however this does not take the pain away that I feel now not having her here with me. When ask how many children I have, I say I have two children. One has just gone on before me and is waiting for her family to join her. She is with her grandmother now who thought LaShunda made the sun rise. I can only imagine what they are doing now. My precious baby, you and your brother are my heart. We love you so much and have hope of the day we will all be together again. With all our love, Mommy and Michael Update There was not a trial. The states attorney made a plea bargin. Both families wanted it to go to trial so we could get the truth out. This so called legal system is a JOKE. Our states attorney is the JOKER. The murderer got 47 yrs with a possible parole in 37 yrs. He received 27 yrs for first degree murder of my daughter and 20 yrs for second degree murder for Josh. It is a sad day in this world when a devil can shoot two defenseless people in the head with a shot gun and not get life in prison. Little Josh was only 19 yrs old. The murderer was 24 yrs old when he murdered them. I guess he was a big man to stand there with his shot gun and kill those kids. He was sentenced on Aug. 15, 2006. You can see the devil at www.idoc.state.il.us His name is Jason R Hoots, date of birth is 08/01/1981 Inmate number S04990 My daughter met Josh through my son, Michael. Over time they became good friends. Josh was good to everyone. Her ex-fiance' was jealous over their friendship, but he would have been jealous over any friends that LaShunda had. He would complain about her friends where she worked also. LaShunda had broken off her engagement once before and then after about 3 mo. ended up going back with him. The 3 mo they were broken up, he came to our house nearly every day. I remember telling my husband, "boy he must really love her, he is just not giving up". In reality, now I know he was obsessed with her, not in love with her. I feel like he didn't do anything to her the first time she broke up with him because he thought there was a chance she may take him back. I remember him talking to me and telling me that he knew it was a lot of his fault that they broke up and that he was going to do better next time. When they were together, he stayed on the computer all the time. He wanted her right there with him, like in the same room, but really didn't pay her much attention. I know before she broke up with him the first time, she called me and talked to me and said, mama...here I am engaged and suppose to marry Jason and I am lonely all the time. She said, I just can't marry him, so she broke up with him. He promised her that he would change and she finally went back with him. For the first couple months he seemed to do better, then it was right back to the way he was before...only much worse. LaShunda would come and talk to me about how she just didn't think it was going to work out and that she just didn't think she could marry him. Then a few weeks before the murders she came to me and told me that she caught him on the computer with a women on a web cam, well you can imagine the rest. She ask me what would I do. I told her that she didn't want to know what I would do, but I did tell her that there was no way I would stay with a man doing that. Well, once again he promised he would never do it again. Then a few days later she caught him looking at porn on the computer, doing his manly function. He then tells her that he thought she just meant he couldn't be on there with a live woman. OMG. There were other things that lead her not to want to marry him. One of the biggest was, he didn't believe in God. My daughter knew this and had a real problem with it, as did I. Our thought was that maybe God put him in our lives so we could help him learn about God and become saved. I should have tried to talk her out of dating him when I found out he didn't beleive in God. I always try to find the good in everyone though, and honestly thought we could help him. Boy, I was so wrong. My daughter was the type of person that would have never hurt anyone. If she could help anyone, she always tried. He had also got fired from his job for testing positive for pot. My daughter had a real problem with this. When LaShunda made up her mind that she wasn't going to marry him, she called me on a Monday and said she wanted to come by here on her way home from work. She told me then that she was going to tell Jason the engagement was over. She said that she loved him, but she was not in love with him and could not marry him. I agreed with her. That Thursday she told him. The following Tuesday he murdered her and Josh. Knowing now what I know, Josh was included in IT's so called reason for the murderes. He planned to murder my daughter once he realized that it was really over for good this time. If he could not have her, no one would have her. In his sick mind, he planned to tell the cops that he caught my daughter and Josh together....but with all that we know, we know that was not true. There is so much that I just do not have the energy to explain right now. I can tell you that after having gone through what my family and I have had to go through, I just stress to anyone reading this to know...you can't trust law enforcement. I am talking about from the highest to the lowest. Our children are no more than numbers to them. What ever can be done to get a case closed the fastest, is what they will do. It doesn't matter what they really know, if it is going to be to much work, then they will take the easiest way out. God have mercy on all of us. I don't see how God can let this evil world go on much longer. I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of any of the officials up town. I know it is the same way in any town. Every man/woman will answer for all the pain and suffering they have caused others. They will answer for all the lies they have told and for the truths they neglected to tell. Praise God that I know I will be with my baby again. I miss her so very much, but I know she is in the hands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My heart is broken and I know will never heal until the day I am with my daughter. My place right now is to be here with my son. I know that he needs me far more than LaShunda does right now. She is safe with Jesus. My son is still in this mean world. I have to stay and try to help him all I can until Jesus comes for me. My precious baby girl, I love you so much. My heart aches every day longing to see you. Love, Mommy


LaShunda "Shawna" and her only brother, Michael. He was 19 when she was taken from him.


This is one of the picture's from the Independent Tribune, 2000. LaShunda and one of her high school teachers were chosen for makeovers. They had a ball doing this. The pictures and story covered an entire page and a half of the paper. Isn't she beautiful! I miss you my darling baby girl. Mom


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